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Dining Room
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Builder In Eau Claire -
Builder In Eau Claire -
Builder In Eau Claire - Dinning Before Dinning Before
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"My husband and I just finished building our dream home in December, 2009. Tracy has worked with us to decide on paint for the whole interior of the house. A job I was stressing out about. We wanted contemporary colors and styles. Her choices of color is so fun and unique I would have never chosen these colors on my own. We receive so many compliments on the types of paint colors she chose to put next to each other. We wanted multi colored rooms but were very nervous about the colors complementing each other yet being enough of a contrast within the rooms and from room to room. We wanted each room to have its own personality. It is so beautiful and people are in awe at the mixture in the rooms and how they compliment each other. I am so grateful to her for helping us with one of the most difficult decisions we had to make while building our home.

We loved her paint work so we ask her to return to help decorate and arrange furniture. She is so wonderful to work with. What a proffessional yet a warm and friendly person. She has a sharp eye and is very talented. The ideas she gave us to decorate each room were exactly what we were looking for and purchused many of her suggestions. I will highly recommend her to friends and will definitely call her for future ideas."

    - B. McIlquham